Container Cabin for commercial and residential use

mac cabinPrefabricated or temporary cabins are ideal not only for short term use but also for long term utilization. These can be used for  several purposes including for shops, office cabins, storage room etc. But it is very important to find a good product provider in case you are looking for a durable type porta cabin. Meera Enginnering Company is one of the leading manufacturer of the industry which provides best prefabricated structures which has high performance and satisfactory index.

These structures are efficient enough to be provided by all types of electrical fixtures and serve your need. Integrated with best quality steel and Iron to provide you best portable structures,  Prefab cabins and structures are strong enough to resist any type of temperature, atmosphere and weather. Not only ideal for commercial purpose, but they are good enough to provide you best residential solutions as Out house, farmhouse etc. They are also perfect for Industrial use also where they can function as a separate cabin for keeping files and important documents.

image-1Serving its client with full dedication, MEC has created a separate niche for themselves where they provide best product manufactured under their name. Supplying their superlative products to the entire nation, they have the widest distribution network for their cabins.

Designs of Porta Cabin

These porta cabins are highly customized in designs. From glass built structures to durable  iron and steel mixtures. Available with varying floor plans, construction sizes and interiors, they can be easily modulated to work according to your need and requirements. Different from being Modular homes, they are stylish built up which serves your purpose. Prefab structure is no doubt environment friendly as they don’t require materials like a regular construction requires. They can be easily dismantled and are the best temporary housing option.

Expensive taste

Container cabins are quite expensive and hence should be tried if and only if you have deep pockets but an expensive taste. They are the best solutions for modular homes and hence can serve your need of living lavishly in modern décor

So if you are looking for some of the modern options for housing or commercial needs, no doubt MEC is the best junction where your all needs can be served when it comes to Container cabin which are of multipurpose use and gives you the lavish feeling off of what you have always wanted. Different from others but still capitive enough to give you satisfaction and reliance.


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